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Materials: Inclined plywood base, Waste fabric artwork, Text, Bench, Rotary Motor

The work references the form of the charging bull in New York which represents the courage and indomitable spirit of people as Wipro continues to be a global software giant. It turns the metaphor of aggression using the idea of clothing, a garment that softens the posture to that of courage coupled with compassion and capitalism coupled with commitment to save, renew, nurture and rehabilitate.

The embedded meanings of fierceness is coupled with fragility as the garment in mixed hues of dull gold almost create an iridescence – a plea, a prayer to strike a poignant chord as we steward the future responsibly. It makes place for textual references that allude to Creation and our mandate to hand the baton of renewal and hope to the next generation. If bulls could speak, they would pray!

Work In progress…..