Nisha Mathew Ghosh OBJECTS-I-LIKE is a Shop that sells the products designed by Nisha Mathew Ghosh or on occasion her invited guests. The incoming funds of this project are routed via a Sole Proprietorship called ELEATZ registered under Karnataka Shops and Commercial Establishments. Govt of Karnataka, and also under the Government of India.  

We encourage potential buyers of these products to understand each of the initiatives undertaken by us. These products are the outcome of empowerment programs for women and the economically disenfranchised. Each product you buy goes to support these programs initiated and part of a larger curation by Nisha Mathew Ghosh. 

Our mission is to actively construct a more equitable world and future resilience for communities that we support, via education, advocacy and excellence in  skill building while primarily using art and design as our tools of implementing change. 

We believe that our Buyers are aligned with our mission and value systems and willingly buy from this website as a sign of their bonafide confidence. 

Please take note that sales once enacted are non-refundable as the amount contributed gets distributed simultaneously for the needs of the different projects initiated. 

Your agreement to the terms and conditions set out in this document constitutes proof of unconditional consent.


The website will refrain from providing advice about tax rules and will encourage Buyers to seek guidance from their own professional advisers to assist them in the process of making a buy from this website.

At the time buying through the Website, you will be redirected to a Buyer form, wherein you would be required to provide us with the following personal data in accordance with our Privacy Policy: This data is only used to stay in touch with you for the completion of the sale, and to inform you of any new products launched.

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