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Materials: Handcrafted Textile, Handwoven sieve in Stainless steel, and Survey Tripods
Size: 3m x 3m x 1m

Lokame Tharavadu Exhibition by Muziris Kochi Biennale Foundation
The Granary and the Sieve by Nisha Mathew Ghosh 

This work maps a journey of “home” in the imagination of a symbol and its ability to connect meaning. The work juxtaposes symbols of the author’s abstraction and imagination that are juxtaposed together with a contrapuntal deliberation. It references a segment of the ARA or ‘’Granary’’ the representation of a Syrian-Christian traditional household where the mystery of its containment conjured images of prosperity, gold, food, surplus, land and security. The sieve is used as a motif to bring back mnemonic recall of paddy and its association with wealth in the fruit of the land.

The perforated textile screen inverts the dark wooden opacity of the ARA and becomes the canvas for memories mapping the author’s own journey from darkness to light as Biblical text animates another context of ‘home’ and the revelation about this coming future, contrasting physical notions of belonging and security with the spiritual and prophetic.