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Tiger – Tiger

Materials: Handcrafted ,Handwoven Stainless steel wire.
Size: 2.9m x 1.0m x 0.6m

TIGER TIGER is the first of three, on the tiger and its implied symbolic narrative appropriated both politically and socially. This series studies the perception of people and conjures up new imaginaries as form is divested of its power by dematerializing it via the act of weaving a narrative shorn of the power, panache, swagger associated with a cultural symbolic / or naturalized form: Instead a study in delicacy and a flitting materiality, lightness and a disappearance rather than presence makes reference to a dissipating power of the symbol when defaced with a barrage of socio-political machinations, and secondly a dematerialisation reminiscent of an ecological catastrophe as tiger populations dwindle to their last numbers.