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National Military Martyrs Memorial

A clearing in a FOREST, a primal PATH, a symbol of bravery – memory and reference.

The National Military Martyrs Memorial makes reference to the Forest by cutting a primal bold path through the forest to create the Ceremonial Pathway as a ‘clearing in the forest’ and a reference to early practices of commemoration of a martyr with a boulder or Veeragallu.

Fundamentally, Mathew and Ghosh create a device by which the Void of the clearing and the Forest itself is given back to the city : In an antithesis to building up and more, the strategy is to comment on or critique the given ecological construct of a place and its geography and back it up, restore it and re-engage with it.

The Museum is underground in a carefully crafted plan that moves sinuously between tree root definitions in order to create a ceremonial space making reference to antiquity, and intentionally hand over the VOID in a FOREST back to the city.

In collaboration with SOUMITRO GHOSH.