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Is It A Bird Is It A Windmill?

Bamboo with natural dyes, waste virgin fabric, stainless steel, rope.

Originally designed for London Design Biennale 2021.
Is It A  Bird? Is It A Windmill? Resonances by Nisha Mathew Ghosh.

The installation makes references to clean energy, and clean air, as a two-winged structure inspired by the form of a windmill blade, and the idea of the traditional Indian fan or Punkha – that was manually moved to bring breeze. A mnemonic humorous reference to the diagram of the ‘Vitruvius ‘ figure during the process of a visitor engaging with the pulling of the wings down (via a pulley and counterweight system), confirms the notion of an intentional will or choice via man’s action, that is vital.

The structure is entirely made of dyed natural Bamboo harvested from the northeastern part of the country (and dyed using natural pigments) and is clad (for the part of the wing-blade), by retrieved textile artworks connected as ‘feathers’ (little scraps of fabric that make a compelling story – retrieved and turned into works of art and beauty preventing its leaching or chemical dyes reaching water sources/oceans) nuancing the idea of WINGS, read ‘flight”, movement, a soaring up, a future.
It is a coming together of art, craft, design, music, and technology to reflect the resonances and its complexities of IDEAS developed for an ecologically resilient future India, in areas of clean Water, clean Air, clean Earth, clean Energy and more Forest.