Runway Jewelry Collaboration with Late. Wendell Rodricks

Wendell described the theme for his runway collection; he wanted to explore how the seahorse motif could be used for the jewelry. I designed a piece, and we quickly made the work in aluminium wire to get the forms and shapes as per my sketch. Wendell loved the prototype, and we discussed that we would vary the drape-shape about the neck for each of the three pieces. I finally made the work in pure silver at the studio – we then had a small jewelry maker section within my studio with a dedicated craftsperson- so we could experiment with the decisions on the section fineness of the flatted silver. We carried the works in person to him in time for the show.

Tapestry with Fadd Studio

A love for textiles meant that I was always delighted to work with the colors and textures made available through my early appointment to develop the artistic techniques to use waste textile at maker studio ELEATZ.

Farah Ahmed and Dhaval Shellugar of FADD Studio were excited to develop a tapestry work for one of their private commissions and their early sketch with a very clear idea of elements of the form, and specific colors was given a free rein at my studio. While I honored the contours and color palette of their concept, I was able to work like a collage artist putting texture and color stories together. Our joint meetings were useful to move our common excitement forward.