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House of Stories. Usha & TV Ramaswamy house

In Collaboration with SOUMITRO GHOSH.

A diurnal and seasonal mapping of LIGHT with the nuanced fluctuations of a quantitative measure of natural sunlight , qualifies and makes visible the architectural ‘’typology’’ of VERANDA, CAVERN, SPINE. 

These key elements of light make a reading possible of this house-form that maps the desire of a writer to withdraw and retreat into the subterranean mental constructs of her work, while connecting with the ecology of light specific and particular to the context she lives in.

Mathew and Ghosh map the movement of the earth about the sun as the primary text of this house, even almost ignoring arbitrary plot divisions and the seemingly irrelevant in search of the larger ‘’relevances’’ .

Here LIGHT is the tool of form and space in order to arrive at the most sustainable approach to maximizing use of clean solar light energy.