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The work is a rumination on BEAUTY, which looks reflectively at the idea of a journey and MAPS perspectives.

the venation of a leaf reminiscent of a network of woven MEMORIES, a pathway on a terrain, the network crosses, weaves and reinforces the author’s premise, that MEMORIES create a scaffolding for future imaginations. As perspectives of the form changes on moulding, or pinching the form in, or twisting a new unfolding and dynamic view of a circumstance may open up to enrich and change perspective. The flexible nature of this TOUCH and MOULD venation makes a reference to a garment, flitting fashion, and notions of beauty external to inner beauty.

This fine handwoven work is also about fragility, and its transformative reality from youthful, beautiful and productive state to a new state of dissipating ephemeral beauty. the sheath presents the idea of covering or surface versus inner venation or structure; the material-natural-physical reveals new latent beauty and meaning when form is undone.

Bose Krishnamachari, curator, the women artists show at Bodhi Art Gallery, Elphinstone Estate, Mumbai.