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KGF – Gold Mountain To Molehill

This curation comments on the extractive economy of a denuded and abandoned gold mine years ago, leaving a ghost town behind which thrives on memories; where children grow up in homes where they do not see both their parents but are brought up only by grandparents, as parents travel 5 hours a day to find employment in the nearby city of Bangalore. It intentions to a renewal and rehabilitation strategy, first by skill-up for self employment via design using textile waste, then to create economic self sufficiency for dwellings and toilets using sustainable renewable practices via awareness and subsidized corporate support.

The proposed 2nd prong of the larger denuded ecosystem, brings local community and environmental engineers together to tackle the cyanide hill dust (the waste accumulated after gold extraction is carried as dust across the windy terrain causing lung infections in all the residents). The 3rd prong will be to make readings legible via the built artefact, history, tourism potential and ecology: To showcase how an extractive economy, then greed, and finally decay may engage with new narratives to bring renewal and hope in community and ecology.